Our Portfolio

The growth of Singapore as a financial services and fund management hub supported by regional and global funds flow prompted the Group to tap on its business connections for strategic collaboration with established business partners to leverage on their expertise, experience and to work out win-win arrangements.


CWX Global seeks business diversification to cultivate multiple income streams to broaden its earnings base, balance risks and enhance growth for the Group.


CWX Global operates with its own team of professionals through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CWX Investments Pte Ltd (“CWX Investments”) as well as through FIT Global Pte Ltd (“FIT Global”), a strategic joint venture, to offer a holistic suite of investment and trading services which are accessible to institutional and accredited investors. Currently, it holds a 20% stake in three producing oil concessions in Thailand under its wholly-owned subsidiary, Loyz Oil Thailand Pte Ltd (“Loyz Oil”).


The Group is actively pursuing and executing potential opportunities to drive growth and returns to enhance values for investors and shareholders.

CWX Investments

CWX Investments Pte Ltd (“CWX Investments”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, will focus on secured lending and investment.


The key areas of investment for CWX Investments include:

  • secured lending based on shares of companies listed on the stock exchanges in the Asia Pacific
  • share placements of listed companies
  • pre-IPO participation (late stage)
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    We believe in sharing our returns with our investors and shareholders. Hence, we are committed to provide secured returns for our investors by managing risks of our own investments.


    Investors have the options to invest through our shares in CWX Global listed on the Singapore Exchange as well as through our customised investment products.


    Xcel Series Fixed Rate Notes

    CWX Investments offers investors superior yield through its Xcel Series Fixed Rate Notes (“Xcel Notes”) with security on its capital via indirect participation in our secured investments.


    Xcel Notes offer a two-pronged capital protection

    Investments in the Xcel Notes are secured by the assets and securities received in the custodian accounts through our investments. CWX Global, the listed parent of CWX Investments, provides additional comfort to our investors via a corporate guarantee on the Xcel Notes.


    Xcel Notes offer high yields with predetermined expiry

    The Xcel Notes are in fixed interest rates for their entire term. CWX Investments offers Xcel Notes with tenure ranging from three (3) to twelve (12) months with returns of up to 12% per annum.


    The investment amount starts at S$250,000 per Xcel Note for institutions and accredited investors.


    Should you require more information on our investment products, please contact us for a discussion to customise an investment product to meet your needs.

Loyz Oil (Thailand Onshore Oil Concessions)

Loyz Oil Thailand Pte Ltd (“Loyz Oil”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group holds a 20% participating interest in three producing concessions – SW1, L44/43, and L33/43 (the “Thailand onshore oil concessions”) located at Phetchabun Basin, which currently generates a steady income stream from its existing oil producing wells.


The production license for the SW1 concession was renewed for another 10 years from July 2016, while production licenses for L44/43 and L33/43 concessions will expire in 2032. Currently, there are nine production licenses covering an area of 101.5 square kilometres under these concessions.


The Group will continue to harness the potential of the Thailand onshore oil concessions which have proven reserves for production within the untapped concession areas.  This asset holds substantial proven reserves for development as well as significant potential for further exploration, promising value enhancement and sustainable long-term growth.

FIT Global

FIT Global Pte Ltd (“FIT Global”), a strategic joint venture between the Group and Arctos Investment Pte Ltd, will focus on deal-making, investments and trading.


FIT Global is led by a well-connected investment veteran with a strong track record in investment banking, together with an experienced team of dealmakers and professional traders.