Corporate Profile

CWX Global Limited (威信国际) (“CWX Global” or the “Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”), is an investment company. The Group operates with its own team of professionals through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CWX Investments Pte Ltd (“CWX Investments”) as well as through FIT Global Pte Ltd (“FIT Global”), a strategic joint venture, to offer a holistic suite of investment and trading services which are accessible to institutional and accredited investors.


The Group will primarily be involved in: (i) investments, including private equity deals, pre-initial public offerings (mature stage), initial public offerings, secured lending, fixed income and hybrid instruments; and (ii) trading, including the trading of equities, commodities and other financial instruments.


Through CWX Investments, the Group focuses on finance and investments. One of the Group’s current investments is its 20% stake in the Thailand onshore oil concessions located at Phetchabun Basin. The Group is a joint operator for these concessions, which generate a steady income stream from existing oil producing wells, besides containing substantial proven reserves for development as well as significant potential exploration upside promising value enhancement and sustainable long-term growth.


FIT Global, the strategic joint venture with Arctos Investment Pte Ltd, focuses on deal-making, investments and trading. This joint venture is independent and yet complementary to the Group’s operations, enabling mutual benefits.


CWX Global is listed on the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”) under stock code 594.